Protective Shield

VISOR Grind Shield

  • Goggle visor
  • High quality
  • Compatible
  • Small and lightweight shield
  • Covers all the way to the forehead
  • Easy replacement of goggle visor only
  • Mask wearable shield
  • High-quality visor for eye comfort
  • Scratch-resistant design
Visor color Clear Green (#3)

Main function

  • Easy replacement of only the visor lens

  • High-quality goggle visor that is comfortable on the eyes

    The durable polycarbonate (PC) visor is designed as a 2D plane, so the view is clear without distortion.

  • Wearing a dust mask is possible

    The inner space is large, so it can be worn with a dust mask.

  • Shield covering the entire face

    It protects the forehead as well as the sides widely, and prevents sparks from entering due to the shield narrowing downward.

  • Anti Fog

    The three-dimensional design of the shield relieves discomfort caused by fogging while working.

  • Scratch resistant

    Curved shield design protects the visor from scratches

  • Protect face burning

    The translucent shield protects the face from being burned by strong light (ultraviolet rays, infrared rays).







Lens Transmittance Clear(PC) 85% or higher
Green(PC) 14 ± 4%
Product size Lens 192 x 60 x 90mm
Shield 210 x 289mm
Product weight Lens 44.5g
Shield 306g
  • Maintenance All maintenance procedures should always be carried out in a clean and dry area. Treat it as an edge, avoiding direct contact with the lens surface. Carefully wipe off any dust or dirt before reuse.
  • Test Face shields and lenses that have not been used for a long time or are currently in use are periodically checked for condition. Cracked or broken facepieces, or face shield lenses with holes or scratches will seriously reduce the protective performance, resulting in user injury and voiding the warranty. Old and obsolete parts must be replaced, and genuine replacement parts for the visor shield can be purchased from Servore or parts dealers.
  • Cleaning After removing the face shield lens, clean the face shield with mild detergent or lukewarm water. Sweatband can be washed. The lens can be carefully wiped with a clean cloth, being careful not to scratch or damage the lens with debris or abrasive dust.


01 Use this product only to protect your face from various flying objects and harmful liquids generated during work.

02 Do not use for laser and arc welding.

03 Periodically replace dirty or scratched safety face lenses. A damaged lens is vulnerable to impact and blurs vision, impairing product function.

04 Face shield lenses are strong but can be broken.

05 This face shield cannot protect against severe impact hazards such as fragments of grinding wheels or abrasive discs, explosive devices or corrosive liquids.
When these hazards arise, machine guards or shatterproof eye protection must be used together.

06 Do not drop it from a high place or subject it to strong impact.