Natural color big window welding helmet

  • 50% larger X-view LCD window
  • Dual equipped with 4 photo sensors and RF senso
  • Fast RF shading speed and stable TIG welding performance
Color Matt Black Brown


  • Natural Color Filter

    Compared to general welding filters, a natural color filter provides clearer, brighter view before and after welding and protects the eyes more comfortably while welding.

  • Large X-VIEW Window
    (European Standard Optics Grade 1)

    It has a much wider high-quality supersize LCD lens which resolves the narrowness of welding visors and provides a very wide view.

  • Equipped with a High-speed Dual RF Sensor

    It has a fast advance shielding speed and protects malfunctions of a photo sensor during welding at low-current TIG welding. It can also weld stably for work such as mirror welding where a photo sensor is blocked by a structure.

NEW Headband

  • Smooth ratchet or precise tightening.
  • Dual-back cushioning pads to fit personal head sizes and comfort setting.
  • Swiveling, self-adjusting, turnable back strap accommodate a cap worn backwards
  • Two adjustable crown straps for better stability.
  • Easy lock lever, Sliding pivot to adjust the shields distance to face.
  • Slip-resistant knob for adjusting the helmet's pivot action with glove hands, The smooth up and down pivot action can be locked in the up position
  • Non-slip cell pads contour to your forehead

Filter Cartridge

  • ARC Light Detection Photo Sensor Four powerful independent photo sensors provide excellent welding shade performance in special precision welding environments such as low current TIG welding under 5 amp.
  • X-View Auto Shade Welding Filter Auto shade welding filter composed of X-View LCD with imporover glare resistance, speacial filter lens and viewing angle that completely cut off hamful rays (UV, IR) that occur from welding ARC saely protech the eyes of welders at the world; stop shading speed of 1/25,000

  • Solar cell POWER AUTO ON/OFF Battery power consumption is minimized by supplying power from the solar cell of welding arc, which allows extended use of battery. Its auto power ON/OFF function through solar cell provides enhanced usability
  • Sensitivity Control

    Four equipped sensors optimize sensor sensitivity according to the welding environment so that the best welding performance can be displayed. Filtering by dual sensor control makes welding more convenient by preventing interference of surrounding work/lighting or interference of indirect welding light.

  • Delay Control

    Allows welders to maintain comfortable vision by preventiong eye fatigue from remaining heat after thick plate welding and maintaining shade during fast tack welding by delaying the brightening speed

  • Mode switch

    This switch changes the RF mode that detects electromagnetic waves using an RF sensor and PT mode that detects a welding are using only a photo sensor.hade during fast tack welding by delaying the brighteniong speed

  • Low Battery Warning

  • Grind mode Control

  • Shade Control

    A shading level according to a welding type and current intensity (welding ARC) can be adjusted in five levels from No. 9 to No. 13 depending on the welding environment.


Optical Class 1/1/1/1
Switching Speed 1 / 25,000 s (0.04ms)
Shade Control Inactivated SHADE #3
Activated(Dark) SHADE #7 ~ #13
Delay Control Seven Levels (7: fast ~ 13: slow)
Sensitivity Control Seven Levels (7: insensitive ~ 13: sensitive)
Dual Sens Photo Sensor 4
RF Seonsor* O
TIG Performance* Low Amp. >5A
Mode Switch* RF-Photo (2step)
Grind mode O (Grind button)
Power Source 3V Lithium(CR2032) 2EA + Solar cell (Auto On/Off)
Battery life 2000h (Replaceable)
ADF Size 133X116X10mm
ADF Viewing area 100X67mm
ADF Weight 150g
Product Total Weight 588g
Operating Temp. - 5℃ ~ +55℃
Storage Temp. -20℃ ~ +70℃

Parts Diagram

  • Helmet Facet
  • Magnifier Lens (sold separately)
  • Rear Side Protective Lens (107 X 76mm)
  • Battery Case
  • Weld Shielding Cartridge
  • Front Side Protective Front Lens (113 X 121mm)
  • Front Cover
  • Headband Set