Brand Story


Servore for Autodarkening welding shields, no less

33 years on the path that we’ve followed until we achieved recognition

Servore, which has been insisting on the idea that welding shields for welders should be light and also convenient to use, has led to the localization of the products to make even the inexperienced welders easily learn how to weld and do welding. Servore has been constantly challenging and trying to improve their productivity and produce welding products in excellent quality through research and development for solutions needed by professional welders in various welding environments and products to improve their welding techniques.


  • First localization of Autodarkening welding protection shields

    The first localization of Autodarkening welding protection shields that protects the eyes and faces of the welders from the harmful welding rays, arc and spatters

  • Autodarkening welding protective goggles that commercializedthe side idea for the first time in the world

    The Autodarkening protective welding goggles that commercialized 「the side」 idea of professional pipe laying welders for dockyards

  • Localization of electric dust masks

    Localization of the electric dust masks that protect the respiratory system of welders from welding fumes, gases and dusts

Servore’s effort to develop new automated welding shields for welders and to improve the quality of their techniques will now help us to develop and grow as a deeply-rooted family business that connects generations.

Along with this, Servore, a company specializing in Autodarkening welding shields, will make a new brand and history for the Autodarkening respiration shield with welders around the world under the moto, ‘automation of electric respiration shields’.