Air Mask

Powered Air Purifying Respirator(PAPR)

Feature This is an innovative personal respirator that blows a required amount of fresh and clean air, which is filtered by a small and light electric fan equipped with a high efficiency HEPA filter, into a connected soft silicone mask by gating with a user’s respiration.

Main Advantages

  • Advantages compared to wearing an industrial high-efficiency dust mask:

    • Solving difficulty in breathing and dizziness
    • Highly safe by maintaining the internal pressure of the face at positive pressure (static pressure)
    • A light, compact silicone mask that is worn inside a welding helmet and a face shield
    • Maximizing lifespan by using a high efficiency mechanical HEPA filter resistant to heat and moisture
    • An economic filter that can be used for a long time by filtering only the air a user breathes
  • Advantages compared to wearing a conventional powered respirator (PAPR) :

    • Solving the weight of a large motor, a filter and a heavy battery pack to provide a constant flow (120LPM or up) by lightening
    • Eliminating discomfort of wearing a heavy electric fan and a belt and connecting a stiff hose
    • Preventing backache and muscular-skeletal diseases caused by weight
    • It prevents the eyes and face from getting cold by flowing in cold air continuously to maintain the positive pressure in a mask
    • Increasing practicality at a reasonable price for expensive product
  • Safety

    • High efficiency HEPA filter with superior (99.95% or up) performance
    • Maintaining stable air flow and positive pressure with 2-channel (patented) fan unit design
    • Soft and good sealing clear silicone mask
    • Low carbon dioxide concentration inside a mask through a large ventilation valve
    • Stable fit and comfort of a lightweight fan unit seated behind the neck
    • Strong durability against impact and high temperature
  • Convenience

    • Easy to wear (not using a connected hood, a welding visor, a hose or a belt)
    • Excellent mobility and portability
    • Perfect compatibility with other protection devices (welding visors, safety helmets, protective glasses, protective shields, hearing protection devices)
    • Easy maintenance (filter replacement and mask removal and cleaning)
    • Easy, fast battery charging
  • Economic Feasibility

    • High life cycle of a high performance HEPA filter
      - Filtering only the required air by breathing detection (Sensor patented)
      - A filter that can be used longer than constant flow type PAPRs or dust masks
    • High usage efficiency of low capacity, lightweight battery
      - Providing only the required air by breathing detection
      - A durable battery that can be used for up to 8 hours
    • Low price and maintenance costs


Welding, carpentry, manufacturing, smelting, construction, chemistry, mining industry, agriculture, processing factories, grinding, DIY, etc.

Wear example


Average air flow 30L/min or up
Weight (Fan unit) 494g (Mask) 105g
Motor BLDC Micro fan
Battery Lithium ion polymer, 3.7V (3000mAH)
Automatic off 30 min after not using
Battery using time Up to 8 hours
Battery charging time 2.5 hours
AC adaptor charger Input range AC100-240V / Output range 5Vdc